Introduction to Gerard's bass playing adventures

My journey to mastering the bass

This is the home page of my new site. I play bass about 5 years now, but trying to make an effort to improve my playing, as I still consider myself a beginner. A lot of the time I didn't practice daily, something I try to improve with the log starting in February 2021.

In the past I used Rocksmith 2014 to learn playing the bass. Sometimes also with the sound via an amplifier, so I could better hear what I was doing. Most times in the near future I will use Scott's Bass Lessons to practice. Right now I'm on 'Level 2' in the player path, for completion I need to practice 3 songs by heart.


A bass guitar created by Bogart. I call it 'Amber Stars' it has 5 strings.

Welcome to my new bass themed site. Here I share my experiences going forward, trying to master the bass. The image above shows my new bass, a Bogart.

This site is created using vados

Vados is a static site generator writen in Rust. Based on some JSON and Markdown files a site can be generated. It's being actively developed, with currently just the basics. If you want you can check out the source code on Github.